"Your stores have the best king cakes in town!”

We are proud to say that this is a compliment we commonly hear about our Bakery Department.

Along with our one of a kind king cakes, we also have a wide assortment of cakes and other delicious treats to suit your sweet tooth. Our talented and enthusiastic cake decorators are prepared to make any style cake for your needs.

Birthday and wedding cakes are only a few of the creative options available.

Do not forget to try some of our fresh French bread which is baked in store daily!


Carter's Supermarket Deli provides our customers with convenient, delicious meals cooked every day of the week. Be sure to try some of our famous fried catfish and fried chicken, which is unlike any other and loved by all! We offer a large variety of quality deli meats and cheeses that are sliced to your preference.

Our delicious sandwich, fruit, and vegetable trays come in a variety of sizes and are great for any party or tailgate! Don't forget about our homemade desserts and cold sides, such as potato and chicken salads. Our Deli is determined to prepare delicious meals for you and your family, any day of the week.


We are proud to have Missy as our florist in our Floral Department at our location in Walker. She is always thinking of new ideas for beautiful floral arrangements. The Walker location takes floral orders so make sure you stop by and pay Missy a visit! Our other locations sell limited floral options as well.

Gift Cards

To help make Carter's Supermarket more convenient for your shopping needs, we have recently begun selling gift and phone cards! We offer a wide selection to choose from that make a great and thoughtful gift any time of the year. Olive Garden, Bass Pro Shops, Chili's, iTunes, and Best Buy are only a few of the options available.

We also have pre-priced gift cards from the major credit card companies such as Visa and MasterCard for those who want more freedom from the gift. Phone cards with reloadable minutes are also offered. Any of these choices would be a great gift for friends or loved ones!

Meat Department

Carter's Supermarket Meat Department is well respected all over our fine parish. Customers are always talking about our fresh, delicious cuts of USDA Select and Angus Beef. They are truly the BEST in town!

Our experienced market associates slice and pack the meat daily to ensure that only the freshest cuts are available to our customers. We also offer products that are made without any added hormones or antibiotics such as Natural Beef and Smart Chicken.

Customers have come to love our wide variety of pre-seasoned specialty items available, such as Stuffed Pork Chops, Stuffed Whole Fryers, and Stuffed Pork Loins. Bulk orders and special requests are always welcomed, just simply ask! You will not be let down by the quality and service of our outstanding Meat Department.


Fresh produce is a popular demand among our customers and we do our best to ensure that only the freshest fruits, vegetables, and salads are on hand.

We take great pride in carrying fresh, local produce whenever made available.

Local watermelons, strawberries, and tomatoes are among our customers' favorites! Each store has a selection of fresh cut fruits and fruit bowls for those who want a quick snack. Our employees are always happy to assist in any of your produce needs.